Regarding Wholesale Distribution

We dispatch Japanese Tea overseas.
We are happy to meet the needs of our International Customers.

Regarding Wholesale/OEM and PB Manufacturing Processing

At Yawatayachaho, we wholesale the finest Japanese Tea and organic Tea, for professional Customers as well.
Additionally, according to the needs of the Customer, we can create Original Blends.
Please contact us regarding Tea for food manufacturers, sales stores and eateries.

Raw Material Supply
(Aimed at Drink Manufacturers and Confectionary Makers)

In order to lessen distribution costs, we supply high quality “drink raw materials for Japanese Tea” and “Matcha for professional use/powdered Matcha” in lots. We can provide packets from one kilo upwards, according to your needs.

Original Blend Tea
(For Customers Looking for Health Teas)

As well as Japanese Tea, we can also blend Health Teas and Herbal Teas as per your request, supplying them to you as Tea Bags. We offer advice on methods of presentation based on compliance and efficacy.

About Overseas Delivery

About Overseas Delivery

The dispatchment conditions will vary according to particulars of the transaction. Please check with us in all cases.

Contact Us

Please fill in our Inquiry Form with details about your special requests. Someone from our company will contact you by e-mail.

Inquiry Form


We will bind a contract before entering any transactions. Regarding payment, we usually require payment upfront in the case of overseas Customers. Once confirmation has been made, we will inform you of receipt of funds by email and arrange for dispatch of products.

Delivering Of Samples

We use International EMS in the delivering of samples.
However, there are some countries to which we cannot deliver.
Please refer to the EMS Home Page (English), regarding countries covered by the EMS service.

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