About Japanese Tea

What’s the difference between Green Tea and Sencha?
Although Sencha is the most common type, there are many other kinds of Green Tea – Houjicha, Gyokuro, and Matcha, etc.
Is it okay to drink powdered Sencha and Houjicha?
Of course. Rather extracting the compounds present in the Tea, with powdered Tea, you can benefit from all the nutrients contained in the Tea Leaves. Here at Yawatayachaho, we offer a wide range of powdered Matcha. We also manufacture flour that can be used in cakes and as food ingredients.
What are the conditions that affect the flavor of the Teas?
There are three major components that contribute to the flavor: Amino Acid, Catechins and Caffeine. In the brewing process, the temperature of the water affects the components.
Amino Acid (Flavor): This is extracted no matter the temperature
Catechins (Bitterness and Astringency) The hotter the water, the greater the infusion
Caffeine (Bitterness) The hotter the water, the better the infusion
The flavor changes according to the amount of Tea Leaves, the infusion time and the amount of hot water.
The flavor of the Tea Leaves will be affected by the temperature of the water.
How many times can a serving of Japanese Tea be enjoyed?
By the third infusion, 80% of the Amino Acid will be used. For further infusions, the Catechins and the Caffeine components are dominant, so the taste is bitter and astringent. Although the components vary according to the Tea, do not infuse the Tea more than three times.
Does Japanese Tea made in a teapot become discolored?
When the catechins of Green Tea compounds oxidize, the Tea Leaves change from green to brown. The taste is also affected.
How should I store Green Tea?
As Tea is dry, you may think its quality is maintainable. However, it changes easily according to light and humidity. If an error is made in storage, the Tea will lose its product value. When you wish to store the Tea for a long period of time, please place the Tea in a sealed package, that is not exposed to light and air, into the refrigerator or a cool place. When you remove the Tea from the refrigerator, do not open it until the package has returned to room temperature. If you open the package too quickly, it will be exposed to humidity, damaging the Tea. Once you have opened the package, we recommend you store the Tea in a sealed container. Return the container to a cool place and consume the Tea as soon as possible.

About Orders

Do you only operate within Japan?
In 2012, Yawatayachaho opened a sales office in the Kanto Area, which is the largest consumption area in Japan, and it operates with professional Customers in mind. Our company is rigorously working towards extending its activities not only domestically, but also in the global market in locations such as North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Can you package in small quantities?
At Yawatayachaho, we provide Green Tea manufacturing and wholesale catering to the needs of various locations around the world. We provide safe and secure products in smaller and larger lots. Please contact us for further details.
Can you deal with OEMs?
Yes we can. Customers can choose from a wide range of Teas the product which best fits their needs. A wide-reaching product development is also possible. If necessary, we can also suggest package design and display design. We can help our Customers enhance the value of their brands.
Do you Deal with US and EU Organic Certification?
The interest in organic cultivation is growing on a worldwide basis. Yawayatachaho has received processing certification from the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association. We can supply Customers in the US, Canada and Europe etc. with organic products.

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