WA・IN Organic

This is a product aimed at the retail market that uses only Organic Tea. WA-IN is an original Yawatayachaho brand and it is our hope that the health-conscious people of the world will enjoy it.
WA means JAPANESE and IN means DRINK.





The sweetness and astringency of Sencha Tea Leaves varies according to how much Sun they have been exposed. Sencha Tea Plants grow well in the Sun which triggers Catechins. The greater the amount of Catechins, the more astringent the taste. That is why Sencha is masculine in the freshness of its flavor. Enjoy the delicious result of our painstaking work from production to packaging.

WA・IN Organic Sencha



The aroma of Houjicha complements any Japanese dish. As the Tea contains little Caffeine, it is perfect for children and the elderly. Houjicha is also a good choice for a bedtime drink.
Houjicha responds well to hot water, so it is not difficult to make a delicious brew, even for those unfamiliar with teamaking. It works in the same way as Genmaicha. Fine Houjicha is roasted at lower temperatures – just as fine beef is cooked rare.

WA・IN Organic Sencha

OrganicSenchawith MatchaWA・IN

Sencha with MatchaSencha with Matcha

We have created the finest Teas, produced from Tea Leaves raised by dedicated farmers, using original techniques. Through the blending of Organic Matcha, this Tea produces the most beautiful green brew.
These Sencha Tea Bags not only taste good, but look good as well. Perfect not only for meals and breaks, a cup of this tea will really wake you up in the morning. In Tea Bag form, it is ideal for busy mornings.

WA・IN Organic Sencha with Matcha

OrganicGenmai chawith MatchaWA・IN

Genmai cha with MatchaGenmai cha with Matcha

Genmaicha is created from a mixture of Genmai and Sencha. The aroma of the whole-grain is ideal for an after-meal drink. People with no previous knowledge of Japanese Teas will find Genmaicha as easy to make as Houjicha.
The properties of Green Tea include aging and Cancer preventatives and Genmai aids the burning of body fat and is also beneficial to the skin and hair. This is an ideal Tea for health-conscious and beauty-conscious Consumers. The Green Tea and Genmai used in the blend are Organic.

WA・IN Organic Genmai cha with Matcha


Matcha CannedMatcha Canned

The vivid green color and the rounded flavor are the main characteristics of this Tea.
Please add 70cc of hot water (below boiling point) to 2g (approximately one teaspoon) of Tea. Please adjust according to preference.
In Japan, Tea can be mixed with granulated sugar, and drunk cold during the hot weather. The container is air tight to protect Matcha from its nemesis, humidity. The lid is made of silicon resin.

WA・IN Organic Matcha Canned

Organic Sencha with Matcha Cold Brew Tea-bagWA・IN

Sencha with MatchaSencha with Matcha

These tea bags allow you to make green tea using cold water. Each bag contains 10g of tea to be brewed with one liter of cold water, making enough tea for the whole family to enjoy. Make water-brewed green tea easily, and chill in the refrigerator for around two hours before serving. This tea can be enjoyed while dining at home, or taken to work or out for the day in a portable flask. The teabags themselves are produced from a biodegradable material, so this product is also environmentally friendly.

WA・IN Organic Matcha Canned

About the Sale of WA-IN for Professional Use

We can dispatch our original Yawatayachaho WA-IN brand overseas.
It is a specially blended Japanese Tea in flavor, aroma and appearance.
We feel sure overseas Customers will enjoy it.
It is a rare blend that we believe will bring much pleasure to overseas Customers who will appreciate its flavor, aroma and appearance.

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