Houjicha (roasted green tea)

Houjicha is characterized by its unique aroma created by roasting tea at a high temperature. As the caffeine is minimal, Houjicha is easy on the stomach and is suitable for children, the elderly and the sick. You can enjoy its aroma by adding hot water in a similar way with Genmaicha.
It is ideal for Ochazuke, a popular dish made by pouring hot tea on top of a bowl of rice and adding pickles, pickled plums, Japanese dried seaweed or other ingredients of your choice.

Yawatayachaho’s Houjicha



Along with the farmers involved with the process of creating Japanese Tea, we produce the very finest Hojicha, daily researching how to create good soil, cultivation methods and manufacturing methods.

Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability

Based on JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards), Yawatayachaho is a recognized organic factory. Incorporating equivalence, we can also export overseas in accordance with the US, Canadian and Swiss organic certification.



Our tea is grown from seed in a natural environment, without relying on chemically synthesized agricultural pesticides or chemicals. In this way, the taste, aroma and water color of Japanese tea can be enjoyed to the full.



We at Yawatayachaho are striving to transmit the culture of Japanese tea to the world. The food safety standard in the overseas market is even stricter than in Japan. We meet all global criteria and then actively operate in the overseas market.

About Yawatayachaho Houjicha

Hojicha is made by strongly roasted Green tea. Although the water color is similar to that of regular Indian tea, Green tea is characterized by its aroma. High quality Houjicha, on the other hand, is lightly roasted. A similar philosophy to cooking the finest steaks rare.
As there is little caffeine present in Houjicha, some physicians recommend it for infants. Houjicha is also frequently used in medical institutions and retirement homes.
In recent years there has been an increase in demand for Houjicha.






About Yawatayachaho Houjicha

About the sale of Houjicha for professional use

Yawatayachaho supplies fine-quality organic Houjicha for professional use.
We still supply café and restaurant owners with a customized lineup of teas.
It goes without saying that we also ship the very best Houjicha overseas customers according to their needs. Please feel free to contact us.

About the Sale of Houjicha for Professional Use

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