Privacy Policy

This Web Site strives to protect the privacy of its Customers.
Our Privacy Policy is as follows.

Application of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy will be applicable to those Customers who use the services of this website.
All Customer information collected when using this website will managed according to this Privacy Policy.
This policy will not be applied to those individuals and companies not directly concerned with this website.

Collection and Use of Information

When using our web site, we may ask personal information such as e-mail addresses.
We may also ask for personal information when Customers use the services of our site.
Any personal information we may ask for will only be used in order to carry out the services of our website.
We may ask for further personal information depending on what kind of website service you wish to use.

Information will be used for the following purposes.

  • In order to customize the contents for the Customers.
  • In order to create a more convenient service for the products through the web site.
  • In order to inform the Customers about new services and new products.

The Sharing and Disclosure of Information

This web site will not disclose, sell or lend private information to any third parties.
However, private information can be disclosed in the following cases.

  • In cases where the Customer has agreed to the disclosure and sharing of information.
  • In cases where courts of justice, the Police or any other public institutions make an inquiry based on legal terms.
  • In cases where the actions of Customers violate the terms of this web site and where it is deemed necessary by our company to protect our rights, property and services, etc.
  • In cases where emergency steps are needed to be taken regarding impending danger towards human life and bodily safety, etc.

About Security

In order to protect privacy and for security purposes, customer registration information, passwords will be issued. Additionally. In order to protect customer privacy, we have realized SSL encryption for the Private Information Input Page.
When the SSL encrypted page (an URL beginning with https://) is used, please enable your browser to use SSL.
(Warning: the SSL settings may vary according to the browser you use.)

About revision of privacy policy

There may be revisions of all or part of our privacy policy in the future.

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